How To Choose The Right POS Model

As the POS business keeps evolving over time and proven to be lucrative, today, many people have dived into the POS industry making this a side hustle to earn from, there are several POS systems in the market today, so

the exact model you choose from is directly proportional to the benefits you will enjoy as a vendor or user.

" The reason these devices have completely taken over retail is that even the most basic versions offer benefits no store can afford to do without "

And it's not just about opting for any available POS, but knowing which model will work best and deliver your business needs. sapaNO Finance is a fintech company developing innovative solutions for the POS systems, that being said, this company is motivated to solve the numerous POS related issues by revising the existing POS consensus schemes to improve decentralization and fairness.

For decentralization: the protocol would offer mining opportunities to a wider set of stakeholders.

For fairness: the protocol will prevent fraudulent activities and fairly compensate affected parties if attacked. While ensuring fairness, the protocol will also have a reward mechanism that incentivizes clients.

There are numerous benefits for using the sapaNO POS device, as we proceed in this article,we will look at the 3 benefits of choosing the right POS device for your business and we recommend sapaNO Finance Electronic POS Device

3 the benefits of choosing the right POS device;

  1. Detailed reports that tells you the number of transactions daily

A summary of the activities in your business and the number of transactions that took place in your business throughout the whole day is one of the benefits you will enjoy.

Choosing the right POS model can report on every transaction that occurs in your business. Again, this is extremely helpful if one or more employees are not doing their jobs properly – whether on purpose or unintentionally.

This is just one of the benefits though, detailed reports from a good POS system can also tell you when certain products become most popular. If you’re a store owner with dozens of products in your store, for example, then these reports can tell you which product are highly demanded by users; for example ladies wears, this include styles, colors and sizes selling the most, so you can ensure that you don’t run out of stock.

If you run a general store with several departments, you may want to assign your staffs depending on what products sell best during different hours.

In the past, business owners would have to be physically present for hours at a time over the course of several weeks before they could obtain these kinds of insights. With sapaNO E-POS systems, they can check this information remotely.

  1. Better customer tracking creates new marketing opportunities

Some POS systems like sapaNO Finance allows you to create customer groups — for example, recurring customers (active), VIP shoppers, new customers, subscribers etc. By grouping your customers into this segment,you can broadcast daily and run marketing campaigns/newsletters with ease. This feature also enables you to know your top customers.

  1. Saves cost

Having the right POS model also go a long way toward saving you money. By choosing the sapaNO E-POS, you can save money while enjoying this benefits.

Learn more about the benefits you stand to get by using sapaNO Finance;

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The benefits of choosing sapaNO Finance POS systems cannot be over-emphasize, as this fintech company is motivated to solve the

numerous POS related issues and provide an all-inclusive platform where every merchant/vendor will have equal opportunity to promote and host their services.