Decentralization: The Elimination Of Middlemen In POS Transaction

The financial industry continues to lead in blockchain adoption, the key Offerings of sapaNO E-POS device will be seen in moving payments between different entities which were traditionally complex and time-consuming, improving trust among various businesses which will come together to resolve customer issues thereby creating a better customer experience. sapaNO E-POS will also have the ability to store digital assets in its wallet, this feature will also help to reduce the cost of transactions.

sapaNO Finance will increase the processing/transaction speed by eliminating intermediaries as well as replacing remaining manual processes in transactions as blockchain handles transactions significantly faster than conventional methods

Blockchain makes ease the traceability of transactions, in cases of misplaced funds due to customer and vendor negligence, the transaction can be tracked and recovered. This feature will be utilized by sapaNO Finance as POS users are human and are susceptible to mistakes.

Once a transaction occurs in blockchain, it can't be changed or deleted, this feature can help the invoicing of transactions which will provide digital receipts that are saved in the blockchain forever and users will have no need to carry physical receipts to show for past transactions.


A blockchain is a decentralized system where all transactions can be carried out without any intermediary. As seen in this article, among it's several advantages, The integration of sapaNO E-POS system into the blockchain technology will improve security, speed and reduce the cost of transactions. By leveraging the blockchain technology, users can confirm transactions without a need for a central clearing authority. Other applications include money transfers, settling trades, voting, and many other POS related issues.

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