sapaNO Finance Key Sustainability Indicators

Updated: Mar 13

sapaNO Finance seeks to harness the power of its human capital in its mission to become a top leading fintech company and contribute to the improvement of POS systems in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large

We fully understand that people are the greatest asset when it comes to sustainability therefore our primary focus is to develop innovative solutions for users and small businesses

Our project aligns and supports the top 3 UN Sustainable Development Goals;

• No poverty

• Decent Work & Economic Growth

• Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Sustainability is an integral component of sapaNO Finance's vision and mission of becoming a top leading fintech company that contributes to the improvement and development of the POS systems using blockchain technology to deliver a safe and secured transaction among users and vendors

Our vision is to disrupt incumbents in the finance industry by expanding financial inclusion and using technology to cut down on operational costs.

Our mission is to solve the various POS related issues and offer services that will integrate finance with blockchain technology in order to provide new or improved services to businesses and consumers in Nigeria and from across the globe.

Our Main Focus

1. To make financial services accessible to everyone and to provide the underbanked and the unbanked poor with access to finance.

2. To empower people to create wealth and enjoy financial freedom

3. To promote a healthy economy in order to generate the resources to meet people's needs and improve environmental quality

4. To provide fast and automated payments to users with the integration of the POS systems on blockchain technology

The Difficulties

sapaNO Finance seeks to curb the following problems facing the POS systems as Insecurity (cyber threat), theft and fraudulent transactions, network failure, faulty POS system, inaccurate reporting, usage Issues, failed transactions, connectivity issues or non-compliance as well as reduced human errors since a vendor is responsible for the POS system

Integration of POS systems On Blockchain Technology (Benefits)

• Digital receipts to enhance security

• Quick Audits that saves time

• Accept crypto payments

• Transaction rewards for users

Our Proposed Solution

We introduce SapaNO Protocol

Consensus Algorithm (SPCA) which in POS transactions is applied every few seconds by all nodes, to maintain security, correctness and decentralization. sapaNO revises the existing POS consensus schemes to improve decentralization and fairness.

For decentralization, the protocol would offer mining opportunities to a wider set of stakeholders.

For fairness, the protocol will prevent fraudulent activities and fairly compensate affected parties if attacked. While ensuring fairness, the protocol will also have a reward mechanism that incentivizes clients.

Additionally, the protocol complements the existing proof of work-based cryptocurrencies to facilitate their transition to the proposed scheme and avoid bootstrapping complexities.

Instances of this protocol can be observed as with Bitcoin; where the challenge includes producing a nonce string which, when hashed with the block header, produces a lower value than the target threshold set by the system.

As a reward for the efforts, the block releases coins to the miner’s account. Once a block is published, all its transactions are approved and the block is added to the blockchain. These blocks are permanent and cannot be altered. In other words, cryptocurrencies are the first known form of currencies that are not tethered to some kind of trust-based system; they are incorruptible.


sapaNO Finance is grounded in a strong understanding of the disruptive nature of finance and technological innovation and uses a strategic way to think, act and improve financial services in order to promote the success of usability among users and businesses in the society.

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