sapaNO Finance: Who We Are

sapaNO Finance is a fintech company that aims to integrate the Point of Sale (POS) system into the blockchain and provide an all-inclusive platform where merchants/vendors can host their businesses. With our native token SAPA, rewards will be distributed to our investors when transactions occur on our sapaNO E-POS devices

Why busineses should key into sapaNO Finance;

1. An E-POS system whose functionality is based on the premise of blockchain technology having the security, speed, immutability and traceability of transactions thereby making sapaNO Finance a trusted platform to carry out large transactions without network delay. Unlike the native POS systems where errors constantly occurs leading to loss of funds, sapaNO Finance offers a safe and secured payment on her E-POS device with digital receipts which are saved in the blockchain forever and can be accessed publicly using transaction IDs/tags.

2. During our market analysis, Research showed that most transactions worth thousands of dollars are conducted online and with the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment, sapaNO Finance is set to be the go-to platform for individuals/businesses who wants to get rewarded for every transaction made.

3. Our clients who want to use our E-POS device for transactions will have flexible subscription plans ranging from $15 - $74. While rewards will be paid in our token to encourage vendors to not charge a transaction fees from their customers as opposed to traditional POS providers that charge fees per transaction. These will make sapaNO Finance E-POS the cheapest POS service provider.


sapaNO Finance is a client focused and result driven financial technology (FinTech) and a digital payment system company that provides tested, trusted and broad – based financial technology services at an affordable fee that won’t in any way put a hole in the pocket of our clients.

Being an emerging fintech company leveraging the blockchain industry to provide POS services, we will offer standard and professional financial technology (FinTech) services to our vendors, agents and clients at local, state, national, and international level. We will ensure that we work hard to meet and surpass our clients’ expectations

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