Why SMEs should embrace sapaNO Finance services

Updated: Feb 6

The Integration of POS systems into blockchain will prevent fraudulent transactions and activities. The application of sapaNO Finance are as follows;

• Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

• Online and Mobile Payment Systems

• Investment and Trading Platform


As a sapaNO user, agent, merchant and investor, you get the following benefits when transactions are carried out on sapaNO E-POS devices;

1) Digital receipts to enhance security

2) Quick udits that saves time

3) Accept crypto payments

4) Transaction rewards

Digital Receipts To Enhance Security

Printed receipts are given to customers as a confirmation of a

transaction done through the traditional POS. But through Blockchain systems like SapaNO finance; digital receipts will

be generated which will virtually be indestructible and will always be accessible to the customer and the retailer.

Because of the digital receipts on Blockchain, there will be no need to search your pockets or your bags for the physical receipt while trying to return or exchange an


Potentially there will be fewer unsatisfied customers who will have a service declined because of a missing receipt. Besides, as digital receipts don’t need to be

printed, it is eco-friendly and additionally a cost-saving instrument for the retailer.

Quick Audits That Saves Time

Currently, all sales reports of a retailer need to be transferred to the accountant after a particular time for auditing. But with the implementation of Blockchain, since an auditor/legal authority will also be a stakeholder in the blockchain point of sales ecosystem such as SapaNO finance, he can directly access time-stamped records related to taxation and payment. Thus, making it possible to conduct annual or quarter audits

quickly without the need to send these reports separately to an accountant.

Accept Crypto Payments

Payments can/will be deducted automatically from the crypto wallets of the customer when they place an order and can be transferred to the wallet of the business owner.

These transaction details will be saved on the blockchain which can be later used for taxation or audit purpose

Transaction Rewards

Through Blockchain technology, loyalty points, and reward coupons can be stored digitally and can be accessed anytime from anywhere. While shopping, the customer

will not be required to carry physical coupons. Besides, alerts about the redemption of any applicable coupon can also be sent to the customers through a blockchain-enabled platform like SapaNO.


Small businesses often encountered challenges such as network downtime and slow processing during transactions, this may lead to loss of money, sapaNO Finance saw the need to develop innovative solutions to curb this menace.

For every transaction that occurs on SapaNO E-POS devices, rewards will be generated based on the amount transacted and sent to the investors (Holders of SAPA token), the Vendor and the client.

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